Does Having Good Gutters Increase Your Property Value?

You might be looking at the title of this article and thinking, ‘I know the answer to this without reading it. Of course, they’re going to say ‘Yes’’.

To which we say, ‘Stop trying to read our thoughts and predict what we are going to say.’

And also, we say, ‘Well … you are only half right.’

Which means that you are also half wrong. Because the answer is ‘no’ and ‘yes’.

The Case For ‘No’.

Gutters are deceptively simple things. Their one function in life is to be a go-between for the water on your roof to get off your property. That’s it. They’re a delivery system. You don’t look at it in the morning and go, ‘Wow. What a view that gutter provides.’ You don’t sit on them on a nice afternoon, relaxing, while you read a book in the cool afternoon breeze. You don’t cook at them. You don’t sleep on them.

Landscaping your backyard, renovating your kitchen and bedroom … those are things that can increase your property value. But having good guttering?

No. They don’t increase your property value because it is expected. Like your house having clean carpets is expected. Like your house having a front door that can be locked is expected. You don’t list ‘working gutters’ alongside ‘4 bedrooms, massive walk-in-wardrobe, swimming pool, and helicopter pad’ in your house listing.

Because having working gutters is expected.

The Case For ‘Yes’.

However … having broken gutters can quite clearly decrease the value of your property. When your gutters are working fine, looking clean and presentable, and basically doing what gutters are supposed to do, which is provide a clear path for the water from your roof to get off your property without damaging anything else, your gutters do not add any additional value to your property.

But having gutters that are broken, causing water stains on your walls, leaks on your roof, erosion problems at your home foundations, will clearly and obviously drive your property value down.

Gutters provide value when they are, for all intents, invisible. They’re there … but no one cares. They do their job, and that’s it. The only time gutters are noticed is when they negatively affect your property.

So What Does This Mean?

It means that you should always have your gutters in tip top shape. They don’t add value, but bad gutters decrease the value of your home.

A simple and cheap way of keeping your gutters in great shape is by having them professional gutter cleaned, like these professional gutter cleaners in Omaha, NE. Blocked gutters can cause all manners of problems for your gutters, your roof and your home foundations.

Blocked gutters don’t allow the water to pass, and water is very heavy, particularly as it soaks into the debris in your gutter. This can cause your gutter to sag and come apart from the roof. The blocked water can also spill over the edges of the gutters and soak into your roof (leading to roof rot and rust, and leaks that need to be repaired), or flow down your external walls (producing mold on your exteriors) and forming pools of water at your foundation. This can lead to erosion of the soil around your foundations, and that can lead to cracks in the foundation.

Calling a gutter cleaner is an easy way to ensure that your gutters don’t decrease the value of your property.