Should You Perform Pressure Cleaning Yourself?

So, you come home from work. The sun is shining brightly and you notice that your driveway is looking the worse for wear. There’s oil spots here, there and everywhere, and dirt has been tracked into the concrete cracks, mould and mildew are forming, and birds have done their business all over the place. It really needs a good clean.

Or perhaps your house is going up for sale, and you just need to get the exteriors looking bright and clean looking for all the prospective buyers you are sure are coming your way.

You know this clean needs more than a hose, so you think about going down to the local hardware store and renting or buying a pressure cleaning jet. I mean, how hard could it be: surely, you just point the jet at the dirty bits, press the trigger and let the water do the rest. It can’t be that difficult, can it?

Well, that’s what we’re going to try and find out, with our Pro and Con list for doing pressure cleaning yourself.


Obviously, one pro in favour of the DIY method is that it’ll be cheaper than hiring professionals. There is the cost of renting a decent power cleaner, but that shouldn’t be too much of an issue, particularly if the job is fairly small.


However, for larger jobs, the cost savings of doing the job yourself might be eaten into by the effort required to power clean the area. A concrete driveway is a large job, and will require of you a great deal of effort, but even that job is easy compared to the exterior of your home. There’ll be areas where you will find it very difficult to reach with a power water jet from the ground.

Of course, you could then think about climbing a ladder and getting closer, but that’s just another tick in the AGAINST column. Working from ladders, particularly when you are lugging heavy equipment, is dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Particularly since the equipment itself exerts a lot of pressure and may knock your centre of balance out of whack.

Also, the power cleaner itself can be a very dangerous thing. If you can find a power washer that is actually strong enough (and that can be a big if in and of itself), the pressures being exerted on the water is huge … enough that it can cause you serious injuries if fingers or toes happen to get in the way.


Professionals know what they are doing. For one, they know that sometimes high pressure power cleaning may NOT be what you should be using to clean your surface. Some surfaces, like painted wood, will get damaged from the high pressures of the water jet, and require a different type of low pressure chemical cleaning.

A second reason is that professionals have professional grade equipment. The equipment you might rent from the local hardware store, might not do a good enough job against tough stains.


Clearly, with professionals, you have to pay them. It’s kind of the law. So how do you know that the company you are bringing in are worth the money that you will pay them? Often we gravitate towards the cheap end of the spectrum when accepting quotes from professionals, but there may just be a reason why they are so cheap. You really need to perform some research to find the right professional driveway pressure cleaners for your job. Check out the reviews other people have written about them.